Dear parents/guardians,
November is upon us already - wow! We are excited to enter into this time of year. Please read below for some important information. 

Will be held Tuesday, November 28 - Friday, December 1. These are the only days offered for conferences for the 2017-2018 school year. Students will be dismissed at 1:15 pm on these days. Please be sure there is a parent at the bus stop.


Tuesday, November 28 6:30 PM to 8:50 PM

Wednesday, November 29   6:30 PM to 8:50 PM

Thursday, November 30   6:30 PM to 8:50 PM

Friday, December 1 1:35 PM to 4:35 PM


All conferences are scheduled through the parent portal.  If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the main office of either building.

Food Drive
Hardyston School District will be sponsoring a food drive from November 7 - November 17 in an effort to reach out to families in need. Each grade level is asked to bring in a specific item. Please help us to show gratitude for what we have by donating to those in need.
Pre school - boxes of muffin mix
Kindergarten - boxes of stuffing
Grade 1 - cans of vegtables
Grade 2 - cans of applesauce, cranberry sauce, and/or fruit
Grade 3 - cans of soup
Grade 4 - cans of gravy
Our Pep Rallies
Hardyston Elementary School is continuing to focus on building character within our students. This year, we are creating opportunities and activities centered around a particular character trait. During the month of October, caring was the trait focused on. Students were recognized for being caring to their classmates, teachers, and families. Teachers nominated the following students for demonstrating caring: Kindergarten: Daymian Boyce, Graysen Curcio, Elyse Keller, Chase Diaz. First grade: Gwen Caruso, Sierra Jenkins, Anushka Rajesh, Ashley Juba. Second grade: Guiliana Casselano, Derek Fleming, William Conklin Third grade: Louis Milligan, Hailey Phillips, Juste Survila, Mary Kornak, Tyler Smedley. Fourth grade: Haley Murphy, Kimmie Coscia, Connor Hoebee, Francesca Fernandez, Ava Federico, Grayden Morro.
October's Caring Award Winners (from left to right)
Haley Murphy (grade 4), Juste Survila (grade 3), Guiliana Casselano (grade 2), Gwen Caruso (grade 1),  Elyse Keller (kindergarten)
These students have been invited to our November 14th Board of Education meeting to be recognized!  Congratulations.
At our October Pep Rally, our Heart of the Hornet students presented November's important quality of showing gratitude. During the month of November, we will continue to focus on gratitude as a school in many ways: through guidance lessons in classrooms and our school-wide food drive to name a few. Our students will be recognized for gratitude at the December pep rally and at the December Board of Education meeting.
Food menus
Our classroom food menus (for shared food, like parties) have been updated by our nurse, Mrs. Forenback. They will be sent home next week. Please refer to this latest version when sending in food to be shared. Remember, birthdays can be celebrated with non-food items.
Week of Respect
The Hardyston Elementary School celebrated the Week of Respect by engaging in age-appropriate instruction and activities that focused on respecting others.  Through this effort, our teachers and staff fostered a positive school climate that promoted student learning in a safe and secure environment.
Our students and staff all demonstrated respect for others, ourselves, our community, and our environment, through themed days and classroom projects.  The week started off all dressing in blue to showcase our commitment to bullying prevention with the theme "stomp out bullying."  Students were then encouraged to conduct random acts of kindness throughout the week and demonstrated that they were definitely up for the challenge!  We were also fortunate to witness peer to peer respect when some of our fourth-grade students helped our kindergartners with a project that highlighted individuality.  Additionally, Ms. Scherr worked with our Heart of a Hornet club who wrote thank you cards to local firemen, EMTs, bus drivers, and custodians, highlighting respect for our community and those who serve in it.
Overall the week was a success, enjoyed by all, and we hope to continue celebrating these important character education weeks in the years to come.
These hands were created by kindergarten students to show how we are all individuals and have our differences but we are also similar and should support one another. Fourth grade students helped kindergarten students to make these.
Summer Reading Challenge
Before school ended in June, Mrs. Ploch and Mrs. Cimaglia challenged students to read more than 1700 books over the summer. If that goal was met, Mrs. Cimaglia promised she would ride a decorated trike through the hallways.
The students read more than 1700 books over the summer and on Friday, October 13, Mrs. Cimaglia dressed as a reading superhero and rode around the school on a decorated trike complete with cans trailing behind her.
The top readers in each grade were given certificates at the monthly pep rally.  




(Left to right) Jason Barta, 2nd grade; Sydney Cascone, 1st grade; Principal Jennifer Cimaglia; Emily Evans and Douglas DeMarco, 4th grade tie.  The 3rd grade winner Ethan Barnett was absent.
Important Upcoming Dates

November 13 PTA Delivery of Cheesecake/Cookie orders, Cafeteria, 2:30-4:00 PM

Parent Pick-Up of Cheesecake/Cookie orders, Cafeteria, 4:-7:30 PM


November 22 Early Dismissal: 1:15 PM


Nov. 27 - Dec. 1 Scholastic book fair in library

December 7 Holiday concert, 7 pm Grades 1 and 2




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September 2017


Dear Parents and Guardians:

The start of the school year is quickly approaching. I am excited to begin my second year as Hardyston Elementary Principal.  The faculty and staff at Hardyston Elementary School are honored to work with your children. We realize the important role we have in developing the skills for lifelong learning where all students develop natural curiosity, self-regulation skills and grow cognitively and developmentally.

I am looking forward to a terrific year. Please check this blog often for updates and pictures!!

~Mrs. Cimaglia


New Staff

I am very proud to welcome to following new staff members to our Hardyston family


-Mrs. Haskaj: Spanish teacher

Mrs. Ana Cecilia Haskaj is a native speaker of Spanish language from Lima, Peru. She came to the United States at a young age and pursued my education at Montclair State University, where she earned her my bachelor’s degree in Spanish. She is also currently studying for my master’s degree in Spanish Literature at Montclair State University. She has 7 years of teaching experience working in middle school and high school.
She is a mother of two teenage children, currently in their sophomore and junior years in high school. Her husband is a Spanish teacher, as well. She enjoys taking vacations with her family in Caribbean and Latin American countries. Mrs. Haskaj is very excited to begin teaching in the Hardyston Township School District.


-Miss Carajat: music teacher

Hello, my name is Michelle Carrajat and I am the music teacher at Hardyston Township Elementary School. I graduated from The College of New Jersey in May of 2017 with a Bachelor of Music in Music Education degree. While at The College of New Jersey, I had many classroom experiences which helped me to develop a passion for teaching elementary students. Outside of college, I worked at the Hackettstown Public Library in the Children's Room for several years where I developed and taught a music class for babies and toddlers and led storytime activities. 


Music has always been a huge part of my life, starting when I learned to play the clarinet in middle school. I continued my musical journey by participating in various instrumental and vocal ensembles and activities during high school, college, and beyond. 


I hope to cultivate a love and appreciation for general, instrumental, and vocal music in the students and in the Hardyston community. I am looking forward to a great year at Hardyston Township Elementary School! 



-Mrs. Tavares - kindergarten long-term leave replacement
Tiffany Tavares is the Kindergarten long-term leave replacement for Melissa Geaney for the 2017-18 school year. This will be her second year teaching at Hardyston Elementary School. She holds both General and Special Education degrees with a Master’s in Teaching from Montclair State University. Prior to her teaching profession, Mrs. Tavares was dedicated to a fifteen-year career in Human Resources at the former Alcatel-Lucent (Bell Laboratories).
Mrs. Tavares’s teaching philosophy is based in the belief that every child brings their own unique experiences and talents into the classroom, and it is her responsibility to help them grow and develop into enthusiastic and mindful young learners. Her goal is to meet the needs of every student both academically and socially, in an engaging, safe, and joyful environment.
Mrs. Tavares resides in Vernon, NJ with her husband, Todd, three children, Matthew (14), Gabrielle (11), and Grace (11), and two yellow Labrador retrievers, Molly and Buddy. She enjoys spending her free time outdoors with her family, reading, and exploring new places.



Building Updates

Our custodial staff has worked very hard this summer to get our building and grounds ready for our students. New stairs and a railing leading to our playground have been installed.The playground was remulched, as well.  Many classrooms and hallways have been painted. Our fourth graders have new desks. The bathroom ceilings and lights in the second and third grade wing were replaced. The sidewalks and curbs were repaired to ensure all tripping hazards were remedied. Our kitchen has a new dishwasher. Roof repairs will be made in the 2nd and 3rd grade wing. Rooftop fans will be installed in our gymnasium in September. Some of our older exterior doors are being replaced in October.


Class parties and birthday celebrations

The health and well being of our students is very important. Last spring a committee, focused on the safety of our children, was assembled to evaluate the District’s current practices with birthday treats and holidays. After meetings with stakeholders made up of of school nurses, parents, teachers, administrators, and school board members, it became clear that Hardyston School District could do more to promote nutrition and keep our children safe from allergic reactions to food.


The following practices will be in effect for the 2017-2018 school year. They are in alignment with the State of New Jersey School Nutrition Policy and appropriately protect our children.


  • The only birthday treats and celebratory food items permitted will be those that are listed on the ‘food menu.’ Any item not on the list will not be allowed to be consumed.
    The ‘food menu’ has been created by the nurse specifically for each homeroom and is based off the allergies of the students in the class. The list also complies with the State of New Jersey School Nutrition Policy.

    • Food menus will be sent home on the first day of school

  • Teachers will check all items that are brought in for birthday and class parties to ensure that they are on the approved ‘food menu.’ The school nurse will no longer inspect food items.  Any item brought into class that is not on the list will not be allowed to be consumed.

  • Homemade items are no longer permitted

  • Store baked items are no longer permitted

  • No substitutions are allowed

  • Due to the risk of cross-contamination, fruits and vegetables will have to be purchased either pre-cut or brought in whole.


Birthday celebrations are a wonderful event to look forward to. In addition to the above, please consider celebrating in alternative, ‘non-food’ ways with stickers, temporary tattoos, Play-Doh, or books.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding with the revised guidelines.  


Important Dates


 Kids, School - Free images on Pixabay


Preschool Meet ‘n Greet  Wednesday, 9/6 10 am

Parents please bring your preschool student to visit the classroom and meet the teacher and classmates.


Preschool Back to School Night Thursday, 9/7 4 pm

Parents will have an opportunity to learn about the preschool program from the teacher. Please leave your children at home for this event.