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Middle School Guidance Office


The middle school guidance office is dedicated to providing and praising good character, responsible choices and positive interactions. I am here to teach students how to feel confident and proud of the decisions they make. I extend a warm welcome to the parents in the community and to ask that you stay involved in your child’s learning process and to help promote growth and success.

As part of my day, I work with the teachers on a continual basis in order to provide the necessary support that each student needs.  I attend weekly team meetings with each grade level, facilitate Intervention and Referral Services programs, coordinate and manage 504 plans as well as address crisis intervention as the need arises. Collaboration with the teachers is essential.

I provide a number of services for the students and give them the opportunity to get involved with as much or as little as they like. Each year, I aim to present my role to them in their new grade level. As their responsibilities and work load changes, my role and goals with them will also change. There are a number of clubs and groups that I coordinate and they are all geared towards creating a more peaceful and positive school environment. The goal is to ensure a smooth social transition through middle school as well as academic success.

Organization and time management are key factors in academic and overall success. They are important tools for those students involved in extracurricular activities as well.  Students have to learn how to divide their time properly among all the activities they are involved in so they can continue to do well in the classroom. Some students in the Middle School find it difficult to set aside the right amount of time to study for a test or to complete their homework assignments. Planning calendars and weekly schedules in addition to their agenda use are great tools for students and families to use when planning ahead and dividing up large tasks.   

In addition to teaching students time management techniques and organizational skills, I also provide the following support groups:

Social Skills Group (peer conflict, anxiety, stress management)
Anti-bullying club
Study skills/ homework club
Friendship group/ new student

If you feel that your child would benefit from one or some of the above, please contact the guidance office and we can discuss their participation.

Many questions arise during the middle school years. Students are vulnerable to peer pressure, maintaining good grades and learning to make decisions that may not always be easy. The middle school transitional time period can be difficult for both parents and students. Keeping in touch with your school guidance counselor can help with your child’s academic, social and emotional needs.


Kristen Stack, MS, LPC
Professional School Counselor
Hardyston Middle School