Mission Statement

The Hardyston School District together with our parents, families and community is dedicated to preparing our students for the 21st Century by providing each student with a quality education, in a safe and caring environment, which allows all students to achieve the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and Common Core State Standards at all grade levels and includes the knowledge, confidence, and self-esteem to be successful life-long learners in a culturally diverse democracy.


District and Board Goals for 2020- 2021


  1. Hardyston will continue to collaborate with the schools in our region to align and further develop our curricular programs and develop a shared curricular vision.
  2. Hardyston will develop a model for the consistent delivery of remote learning that is equitable for all learners.
  3. Educators, students, families, and community members will work together to support the healthy social emotional development of all students.
  4. Hardyston staff will explore opportunities to support the culture and climate in our schools.



The members of the Hardyston Board of Education shall affirm to improve their governance obligations, which includes the timely completion of the Self and CSA evaluations, while improving their professional development by participating in the NJSBA seminars, forums, and County meetings, be it in person or virtual, as well as attendance at board professional development training sessions at regular and special business meetings.