Hardyston Township Schools Title I Parental Involvement Policy Summary

Hardyston Township Schools offers full opportunities for parental involvement and participation in its school programs, activities, and procedures. Parental involvement is defined as the participation of parents of participating children in regular, two-way, meaningful communication about student learning and other school activities.

To its fullest abilities, Hardyston Township Schools will provide information and school reports in a way that is understandable to parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities, and parents of migratory children.

Hardyston Township Schools will also aid parents in the following ways: help parents play an important role in helping their child’s education at school; help parents be full partners in their child’s education; and include parents in decision-making and on advisory committees to help in the education of their child.

Hardyston Township Schools will encourage strong parental involvement and form partnerships among the school community in order to improve student academic achievement. The school district will help parents understand the following: New Jersey’s academic content standards; New Jersey’s student achievement standards; state and local tests; how to keep track of student’s progress; and how to work with teachers.

Hardyston Township Schools will provide materials and training to help parents. Some activities and materials the district will provide include parent meetings, back to school night, a Right to Know letter, parent surveys and the posting of Title I information on the school website. In addition to the parent information meeting and the school website, the school district will utilize email for communication.

Right to Know Letter

Parental Involvement Policy

Title I Coordinator

Jennifer Cimaglia
phone: 973-823-7000 x8206
e-mail: [email protected]